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from a half million dollar scholarship to not getting into (in my opinion) any half decent universities.

if that’s not an indication that i need revisit my former self, then i don’t know what is.

It’s been a bit of time since I have last written anything of substance. Be it personal or academic, but alas.

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  1. lasting only for a short time; impermanent.


somewhere deep down, Jerald really loves us :3 hopefully. can’t believe one of my boys is leaving us for the air force academy. wahhhhhh



somewhere deep down, Jerald really loves us :3 hopefully. can’t believe one of my boys is leaving us for the air force academy. wahhhhhh


You peaked in high school. That’s nice.

New goal: Prove the prior to be false.


Video of Coach Pop and Craig Junior. Try not to get choked up.

Also OF COURSE Coch Pop says “fanny.”

class act. USAFA Grad an all.

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Disney vs. 7 early fairytales 



Disney vs. 7 early fairytales 

Your full name: Jerald Augustus Kumagai

—What does it mean?:  it means, your son is awesome.

Your birthday:  14 November 1992!

Height:  5’9 and 3/4”

Eye colour:  brown.

—Do you like it?:  i dig.

Natural hair colour: dark brown is what my mom says, but i say black.

—Do you like it?:  i wish i didn’t have a receding hair line ! D:

Gender:  femalish.

Religion:  Catholic.

—Have you ever changed religions?:  nope.

—Would you consider it?:  I don’t think so, but my parents are different religions so I’m not closed-minded.

Race:  Doesn’t define me.

Where do you live?: In a house.

Have you ever moved cities or countries?:  technically, yes. 

Your job:  is dismal and annoying.

—Do you enjoy it?:  they pay me. so, no.


Movie:  Pacific Rim (at this moment)

TV show: Scrubs. <3

Book:  This is a Book - Demetri Martin

Song:  Pompeii - Bastille

Type of music:  Terrible Pop Punk

Cereal:  not huge on cereal…

Fast food place:  Innout probably. >.>

Dessert:  Not huge on sweets.

Subject in school:  Philosophy

Teacher: I have had too many to pick

Athlete:  Metta World Peace.

Sport to play:  basketball or soccer!

Sport to watch:  basketball or soccer!

Fruit:  honeydew

Vegetable: spinach 

Snack:  everything is a snack

Meal:  noodles.

Restaurant:  anything with noodles.

Grocery store:  doesn’t matter.

Have You Ever:

Gone on a blind date?:  I still can see, thank you.

Flown in an airplane?:  …i hate you.

Thrown up on an airplane?:  I have not.

Enjoyed Shakespeare?: i do, sometimes.

Been to the theatre?:  of course.

Mooned someone?:  of course

Flipped someone off?:  of course.

Been in a fist fight?:  of course.

Been drunk?:  of course.

Slept in a snowbank?:  that’s just weird…

Made a snow angel?:  i have.

Lost any teeth?:  yes, and chipped a bunch too.

Been in the hospital?:  yes, visited people many itmes.

Been in a major accident?:  yes, totaled my car once.

Burnt yourself?:  quite frequently actually.

Passed out?:  been choked out before… lol

Watched a soap opera you didn’t understand?:  i don’t watch.

Prank called 911?:  surprisingly, not.

Made fun of emos?:  totally have been

Acted like an emo, just to see what it’s like?: totally was oneee.

Cheated on a test?:  yepp

Lied to get out of trouble?:  yep

Started a fire?:  yes i have!

Roasted a marshmallow?:  yeah.

Set a marshmallow on fire?:  yes used to all the time.

—How many times?: too many to count.

Wanted to drop out of school?:  of course.

—Did you?:  nope.


Are you single or dating?:  dating?

If single…do you like anyone?: 

—If so, who?:  


—Do you have a chance with them?:  

If taken…who?: not taken doe  

—How long?:  

—Are you happy?:  

Last 4 digits of your phone number:  5745

Your house number:  1484

Why are you taking this survey?:  to take my mind off self loathing.

What school do you go to?: A number of community colleges

—Do you like it?:  not at all.

Your school colours?:  don’t care

Your school teams’ name?:  dont care

Ever been on a sports team?:  yes

—If yes, what was the name of it?:  a tone of them.

—Did you enjoy it?:  i guess.

What do you want to be when you grow up?:  important


Any plans for the near future?:  become content.

What are your views on capital punishment?:  should be used in certain cases

—Nuclear weapons?:  MAD

—Euthanasia?:  there are a lot of little kids in Asia, I hear.

—The American government?:  needs fixing.

—The UN?: needs to be more proactive  

What are you wearing right now?:  pjs

—Any particular reason why?:  sleeping soon

What was the last thing you ate?:  hawiian bbq

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?:  yellow

How are you feeling today?:  sad

How many keys are on your keychain?:  a million

—What are they for?:  assortment of things

What does the room you’re in look like?:  it has four walls and three windows.

—Do you like the room?:  sure. no complaints

Do you own an iPod?:  i do, but someone has it

—If yes, what kind?:  og 60 gig

Do you wear glasses or contacts?:  neither

What’s your view on laser eye surgery?:  it’s helpful

—Would you ever consider it?:  if needed

Weirdest thing about your parents: their profession. lol

What did you do this weekend?:  work and watch Rio play. and play at NIT 

—Was it enjoyable?:  wasn’t terrible.

What's your greatest fear?:  failing.

Your greatest strength?:  jack of all trades, ace of none.

What song do you have stuck in your head right now?:  pompeii - bastille

Will poverty ever end?:  sadly, idoubt it

Will we destroy our own planet?:  most definitely.

—How?  ignorance

Man—inherently good, or inherently evil?:  as a whole?